5 Comments 29th March

The Hidden Gems of Islamic Culture

Islamic culture is a wealthy embroidered artwork woven with immortal conventions, significant shrewdness, and complex imaginativeness. Crossing over 1400 years, it has affected endless aspects of life and civilization,

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5 Comments 30th March

The Importance of Halal in Islam

Halal, an Arabic term meaning "permissible," is a fundamental concept in Islam, governing what is allowed for Muslims in various aspects of life. It is most commonly associated with food and dietary laws but extends to other areas

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5 Comments 31st March

Importance of the Holy Quran

The Quran, a divine revelation, serves as a timeless guide for humanity, offering profound wisdom and blessings. It holds a sacred status, transcending human authorship, and is revered as the culmination of divine guidance and wisdom.

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10 Comments 1st April

Allah (God) is the most Benevolent and Compassionate

A Muslim's firm belief is that Allah, the One, is the Creator and Master of the entire universe. Allah Almighty has 99 beautiful names, each with unique meanings. All of Allah's names are full of blessings, and when we recite these names, our bodies and souls find tranquility.

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